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about us

We believe creativity has no limits.

Our talented design team - led by Kim England - works closely with you, 

incorporating fresh, distinctive flowers with other plants, succulents, and natural elements to create

beautifully designed arrangements that reflect your unique style. 

Fleurs du Soleil owner, Kim England, graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a BA in history and the intention of studying law, Kim followed many different avenues before pursuing her long-standing passion for floral design.

For as long as she can remember, Kim has been interested in flower arranging. After graduating from college and spending a year in Paris, Kim offered to arrange the flowers for her sister's wedding and her floral adventure was launched.

After an apprenticeship in the south of France, where she studied style and technique, Kim returned to the US and opened her own flower workshop. She started her business at her home studio and is now one of the most prominent floral designers in the area.


She is excited about her expansion into the retail market with the new store now on Fremont. Her vision includes a workshop for her amazing floral designers, a flower market to excite the senses and a lifestyle and home décor boutique to complement the California Coastal lifestyle.

Resiliance, Creativity and Community!

A small floral boutique with the will to survive and thrive! Here's the story of our journey through the Pandemic!
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