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Customize Your Floral Arrangement

Our designers are here to help with all your floral needs!

We source flowers from local and Bay Area markets so if it’s in season, we can get it.


You can customize your arrangement by reviewing the inspirations below before you call us to order. Just let us know your preferences and we’ll make flower magic happen.

If you prefer to have our designers create an arrangement for you, just let us know. 

We offer in store pickup or delivery. 

Add some flower power to your life and call us today to order!


Florals, Uniquely You

Before you call us with your order, browse the choices below....

We'll want to know your preferences so we can get you exactly what you need! 


Whatever you need to say with flowers, 

we'll find the perfect arrangement for your needs. 

Anniversaries + Birthdays + Congratulations + Sympathies

Proposals +  "I'm Sorry" + Just Because


Everyone has a style and floral preference.

Whether you crave orchids, succulents, elegant arrangements or rustic creations, we'll "wow!" you. 

Orchid + Succulent + Floral + Wrap + Box + Glass Vase + Ceramics


Colors can convey a myriad of thoughts and emotions. 

We can help you get just the right tone for your arrangement.

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